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Scholarships And Training  Updated Jan 31, 2017

Scholarships: Educating Future Information Security Professionals  (Minorities & Veterans) Closed Jan 31, 2017 (Veterans and non-Veterans) Closed Jan 31, 2017 (Women, Closed Deadline Feb 1, 2017) (Women, Deadline Feb 1, 2017) (Graduate, Opens Feb 15, 2017) (Undergraduate, Opens Feb 15, 2017)

Security Awareness Computer Based Training – Free of Charge, No Catch


Federal CyberCorps: Scholarship for Service (SFS) 

This program offer scholarships and employment after graduation. Local participating university include:


George Washington Closed Jan 31, 2017

JMU Undergrad Closed Jan 31, 2017

Johns Hopkins Closed Jan 31, 2017

Marymount Closed

VA Tech



Affordable online cybersecurity courses. Some courses are free.

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